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Health and Safety

When working at height, or in confined spaces, Health and Safety is paramount. As a result, everything Castle Scaffolding does is carried out with health and safety in mind.

Real world safety

For us, Health and safety isn't just a paper exercise, but forms an everyday part of our our operations.

Each job starts with a risk assessment, and we monitor the team's work to ensure that it is all completed according to our predefined risk and method statements.

Our robust quality planning means you can rely that the work we do is carried out exactly as we say, and that our scaffolding is built to safely exceed the required standards.

To be sure our teams deliver against our own benchmarks, our supervisors carry out regular inspections to ensure that the job has been completed correctly and that the scaffolding is safe. And, as both basic and advanced Scafftag inspectors, we're training and qualified to offer the Scafftag scheme to our customers.

Scafftag scaffolding site with clear signage showing the site closed.

What is Scafftag?

Scafftag is a scaffolding tagging system which helps efficiently manage scaffolding inspections.

All scaffolds must be inspected before it's used for the first time, every 7 days after that, and after snow or strong winds.

The Scafftag system with its unique holder and insert system, provide a method of capturing the details of inspections and ensures all are aware of the current status of the structure.

Scafftags should be fitted at all access points (normally ladder access) and clearly indicate to users whether or not the Scaffolding is safe to use.

A strong team

We believe that proper training is essential and invest heavily in our team's ongoing training and development.

All our team hold CISRS cards (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) and all employees are CITB trained and certified to ensure they're competent and safe to carry out their work.


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