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Types of Scaffolding 

We're capable of building scaffolding to meet a range of needs. Here are just some of the applications:


Confined Space

Working in confined spaces requires specialist expertise. We're fully trained to erect scaffolding structures in confined spaces such as sewage tanks or water towers.

Our solutions include everything necessary to work safely and can incorporate gas monitors, inertia wheels and breathing apparatus where necessary.

Temporary Roof

We can create temporary weatherproof roofs for a wide range of structures. Mono pitch and duo pitch roofs can be built using the UBIX system, and all are custom designed to each customer's needs.

Stair Access

Temporary staircase that provides safe access and egress, particularly useful when users are carrying materials.
Stair access scaffolding is ideal to provide temporary fire escapes.

Hung or Suspended Scaffolding

Hung scaffolding is used where the ground is inaccessible, perhaps where scaffolding over water or where there's traffic below.

It's generally suspended from an overhead structure and constructed from top to bottom, allowing to access where traditional scaffolding isn't possible.

Beam Scaffolding

Used for traversing gaps, beam scaffolding uses lattice-shaped beams to to provide openings and bridges, generally in conjunction with other scaffolding.

It is often used for temporary roofing, large span bridging or any structure where load needs to be spread to achieve access.

Tower Scaffolding

Tower scaffolding is, not surprisingly, used where access to tall structures is required, such as steeples and chimneys.